Subgraph Files (100 Videos)

  • FOON-100 (Universal FOON): [ANNOTATED]
  • Individual Files (100 recipes): [VIEW ALL FILES] [.ZIP]
  • Index files for mapping between ID numbers and labels: [objects] [states] [motions]

  • Each of the videos in the original FOON dataset come from instructional videos which can be found on YouTube. Refer to here for mappings between YouTube videos and our subgraph videos.

    Python Script (for Parsing and Simple Task Tree Retrieval)

    Download files: [MAIN FILE] [CLASS FILE]

  • Use the main file for reading subgraph files (by placing the path to the subgraph file being read) and then use it for task retrieval.
  • There are two options for retrieval: 1) search for all possible paths to a goal object, or 2) search for an exact solution to a goal object (given a list of items available).
    • To perform search #2, you will need a list of items such as this one.

    You may also download these files through our FOON API repository.

    For any information regarding the subgraph files, please contact